Friends of St. Patrick
Queens and Court from the Past

69th Queen and Court

Queen Jazmine Lang:

Jazmine is a Junior at Rocky Point High School, as well as a gymnastics coach at Towers Gymnastics. She is a member of the Rocky Point Fire Department and is very active with charitable activities in her community. Her Majesty loves to help not only people in need, but also animals, as she is involved with Last Chance Animal Rescue. Jazmine participates in the law enforcement program at BOCES and aspires to become a Navy Seal. She is very excited to be named Queen of the parade and to celebrate with the community she loves.

Lady in Waiting Emily Hampson:

Emily is a resident of Sound Beach and has been either attending the parade or participating in it for all of her life. She is a Sophomore at Fashion Institute of Technology, studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in home products. Lady Emily hopes to achieve a career in cookware or small appliances. All through her young life, Emily has been an active volunteer in her community and her church, including directing the Christmas Pageant and running concession at the Shoreham BMX track. Emily was a member of the Miller Place Cheer Team and coached cheer for the Sharks Cheerleading team. While Emily attends college in Manhattan, she spends much time in Sound Beach and still considers it home. 


68th Queen and Court

The Queen of this year’s Rocky Point-Miller Place St. Patrick’s Day parade is Jordan McClintock of Wading River. Jordan is a senior at Shoreham Wading River High School and is an aspiring physician. Jordan has a long history of community involvement and service, including volunteer work at Mather Hospital and Riverhead Youth Court. She is very proud of her Irish heritage and has many happy memories of the parade (which she has never missed). Her Majesty will be crowned at the Casino Night fundraiser being held at East Wind on March 2, 2018 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m.

Lady in Waiting Miranda Navas is a Senior at Rocky Point High School and aspires to have a career in cosmetology. She is a very successful gymnast and an active member of the Sound Beach Community. She comes from the family who own Flowers on Broadway and has actively participated in the parade every year with her family’s float. Miranda’s grandmother is from Scotland and she is fascinated by the stories of the culture of that part of the world.

Lady in Waiting Melanie Weidman is a self-employed model and dancer from Sound Beach. She is a partner in an IT start-up company, as well as a state finalist for Miss New York USA 2018, representing Suffolk County. She volunteers as a choreographer for the St. Louis DeMontfort Vacation Bible School and is a strong advocate for women’s rights and education. Melanie loves not only the green clothing and corned beef and cabbage, but the whole celebration of St. Patrick’s mission to bring Christianity to Ireland and her family’s Irish heritage.


67th Queen and Court

The “Friends of St. Patrick”, Inc. are proud to announce the Royal Court for the 67th annual Miller Place-Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The Queen is Jessica Wooley, of Rocky Point, and the Ladies in Waiting are her sister, Michelle Wooley, of Rocky Point, and Anna Maria Jacobsen, of Mt. Sinai.
Queen Jessica is among Royalty, in that her sister Samantha was the Queen last year, and her sister Michelle is a Lady in Waiting this year. Jessica is a student at Stony Brook University, seeking a Bachelor’s in Science, Business Management Degree, while minoring in Marketing. She has already received her Associate’s Degree from Suffolk Community College, having majored in Business Administration, with a 3.8 GPA.
She has helped with the Rocky Point Fire Department “megabucks” fundraiser, and has been a staff member for the North Shore Public Ownership Association, for the past five summers. She is very proud of her Irish heritage, not just, because she likes corned beef and cabbage, but, especially, because of the reputation the Irish immigrants brought with them, as being very hard workers.
Lady Michelle Wooley is of the same Royal blood as our present and immediate past Queens, Jessica and Samantha Wooley. Michelle is a student at Suffolk Community College, studying in the Veterinary Technician program. She is employed at the East End Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center, as a Veterinary Assistant. Being the true animal lover, that she is, Michelle also will pet-sit locally so that pets can stay in their own home, when their owners go away, as opposed to being boarded.
Michelle is very active in local volunteering, and she intends on joining the Rocky Point Fire Department, to become an EMT, once she finishes in her current program. Michelle gets her Irish heritage from her father’s side of the family, and she is proud of the generous, hardworking people, to whom she is related.
Anna Maria Jacobsen is a high school student at Mt. Sinai High School, and, after graduation, hopes to go to college , to study musical theater. Anna Maria has stated, that she will work hard in musical theater, in her last year of high school and all throughout college, and she will be on Broadway one day.
As you may have guessed, Anna Maria’s hobbies include singing and dancing. She also likes making pottery and enjoys drawing. She volunteers at her local church on the First Holy Communion Committee and at Vacation Bible School. At her high school, Anna Maria formed a Women’s Choir, who spent time Christmas caroling, around the high school and local nursing homes.


66th Queen and Court

An early spring arrives, enhanced by a special eloquence and charm, with the announcement of the Queen and her Royal Court for the 66th Annual Miller Place-Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day Parade, as the Friends of St. Patrick proudly introduces Samantha Wooley as Parade Queen, and she will be graciously escorted by her Ladies in Waiting, Emma Sweeney and Janice Pearson, on Sunday, March 13.
Parade Queen Samantha Wooley is a resident of Rocky Point and has attended the local parade, with her entire family, for as long as she can remember. From a very young age, her favorite part of the parade was the arrival of the Parade Queen, and she always admired her as being a role model for herself and other young ladies. Samantha’s love of children and wanting to be a role model herself encouraged her, to pursue a career in teaching. She is currently attending St. Joseph College, where she hopes to graduate this year. Being also enrolled in the early childhood program, she is majoring in general and special educations, with a concentration in psychology.
When not studying, Ms. Wooley is employed at Kiddie Academy Daycare, loves playing volleyball and conducting volleyball camps. She adores anything to do with the outdoors. She also participates in the bible team and yearly fundraising efforts, at her local church, and also helps her sister doing volunteer work, at the local fire house.
Miller Place is not only, where Lady Emma Sweeney lives and attends the local high school, but she was also part of this year’s Homecoming Court. At school, Emma is the event coordinator of the Italian Club, holds down two part-time jobs, outside of her studies. Most importantly to her: she is a volunteer. Emma firmly believes, volunteering helps one grow as a person, while developing one’s self-worth. Perhaps you may already have met her, if you happened to have visited either one of our local hospitals lately, as she is a greeter at both! At her local church, she is a pre-school teacher’s assistant and works at its summer day camps.
Emma hopes to graduate from Miller Place High School this spring and plans to attend the University of Plattsburgh, in the fall, to pursue a degree in nutrition. She wants to enter into a career as a nutritionist and dietician, upon completion of her studies.
Lady Janice Pearson resides in Port Jefferson Station, but can also be found around the country, competing as a professional barrel racer, on the back of a quarter horse, and she loves western-style horse riding. Her love of horses doesn’t end there however, as she equally adores all animals, large and small. But she has a huge affection for children.
Janice, a part-time nanny, also has a long-time passion for gymnastics, and continues with workouts, as well as being employed at Apex Athletics as an instructor. She has volunteered at various animal shelters in the past, and is currently involved with a BOCES program, that brings children with various disabilities to the farm, with which she is associated, and allows them to interact with the animals for therapeutic purposes. Working closely with children has afforded Janice the opportunity to accept more responsibility and to be more respectful and considerate; thus giving her a greater sense of purpose and a desire, to become a more contributing individual to society. These revelations have inspired her to attend St. Joseph’s College this spring, enrolling in classes for childhood education, so that she can continue working and caring for children in the future.


65th Queen and Court

A 65 year old tradition continues, as the Friends of St. Patrick are delighted to announce the Parade Queen and her Royal Court who will represent our neighboring communities at their annual parade.
This year’s Parade Queen has been crowned to Jaclyn Grennan of Miller Place, and will be accompanied by Tara Sanders of Wading River and Jaclyn Pearson of Port Jefferson Station.
Parade Queen Jaclyn Grennan stated she has attended the Rocky Point-Miller Place St. Patrick’s Day Parade with her father “since she was born”, and has deep Irish roots that her and her family have had the privilege to travel abroad to Ireland and reconnect with her family throughout their home country.
Ms. Grennan was influenced early as a student by her past teacher’s compassion and motivation to become a teacher herself, and is currently employed as a full time 6th grade special education teacher. Her dream to work with children with special needs since childhood has now become a reality.Aside from her full time position, she participates in a weekly afterschool program for young women to have a safe and comfortable environment in which to express themselves, and also give guidance and a listening ear to those who may not get the opportunity at home.
Jaclyn’s after school activities include being a building mentor for individual students, teaching math and reading to elementary students, and one of the lead teachers in running the building’s newspaper. Even on her days off, Jaclyn’s commitment to special needs children continues as she does babysitting within.
Lady in Waiting Tara Sanders is a very unique and driven individual, for she is from a set of quadruplets who happened to be born with Down Syndrome. At a young age of 5, she developed cancer and has since battled back to become a prime example of what strong will and determination can achieve.
Tara is in her last year at Shoreham-Wading River High School and has attended and participated in past parades, as she performed with her Irish Step Dancing group, and she stills enjoys dancing today. Her love of dance has led her to embrace other physical activities such as swimming and her new passion:
Ms. Sanders is an active member of the Rolling Thunder Special Needs Running Program and completed two half marathons last spring. Through her efforts and exemplary desire to achieve, she was honored to be chosen to be a featured speaker at the St. Joseph’s College Relay for Life fundraiser.
Rounding out the Queen’s Court is Lady in Waiting Jaclyn Pearson. Residing in Port Jefferson Station most of her life, she and her family have attended countless St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Rocky Point.
Ms. Pearson is a graduate of St. Joseph’s College with a BA degree, and is currently employed at Stony Brook University Hospital in the labor and delivery natal unit. While attending college, Jaclyn was involved in drug counseling at South Oaks during her studies. Being involved in the human relations aspect of health care, she hopes to continue her education so that she may become more involved within the community through social work and counseling to deal with the heroin epidemic which has plagued
In Jaclyn’s spare time, she enjoys doing professional modeling and participates in promotional events for various national and regional corporations throughout the local areas. These engagements have allowed her to expand and hone her communication skills through social interaction.


64th Queen and Court


The Friends of St. Patrick are delighted to announce the Queen and her Royal Court to represent our local communities at their 64th Annual Miller Place-Rocky Point St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
The title of Parade Queen has been bestowed upon Kaitlyn Donovan and will be accompanied by Callie Brennan and Kristen Killackey, who have been chosen as Her Royal Court.
Miller Place resident Parade Queen Kaitlyn Victoria Donovan has deep roots in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, for it is a yearly life long tradition for her, her family, and friends to attend; while she had performed with the Clarkettes Twirling Team and presently marches with the Miller Place Fire Department.
Currently enrolled in general studies at Suffolk Community College; Kaitlyn’s quest in life lies in her artistic talents, abilities, and her exceptional energy. Nicknamed “the future Picasso” by her peers in high school she excelled at creating murals, displays, floats, drama scenery, and will paint just about anything, anywhere, anytime. Kaitlyn hopes to someday have a career as a digital artist.
Loving her tight knit community, she is a volunteer with the Miller Place Fire Department and loves being able to help in life saving and fundraising efforts and finds it extremely rewarding to give back to her hometown.
Lady Callie Brennan of Stony Brook is a relative newcomer to the Miller Place area. After graduating Ward Melville High School and SUNY New Paltz as a business and art history major; Callie yearned to have her own business where a community had a gathering place to meet and greet on a regular basis.
Against the advice of family and friends, she opened Crazy Beans in Miller Place less than two years ago where she serves a variety of coffees, teas, beverages, food, and always provides an outlet for local artists and musicians by providing space for their talents. Callie fully enjoys the new relationships within the community and its residents, and the interaction and mutual support among the local businesses.
Through having her own business she is not only to be able to serve her loyal customers, but also provide a forum to assist in local charities and fundraising efforts that occur throughout the year. Her dream has certainly come true. She hopes her against all odds persistence, positive attitude, and successful business endeavor will motivate others to follow their heart and pursue and accomplish their dreams.
Lifelong Middle Island resident Lady Kristin Killackey is very proud of her deep Irish heritage. A National Honor Society Graduate of Longwood High School, Kristin was a member of the cheerleading squad through her years and became co-captain in her senior year.
It was through her cheerleading experience that her coach instilled in her as well as her teammates to not only be a cheerleader but to get involved and assist those in need in her community and beyond. Through all of her voluntary charitable efforts, Kristin knew how she wanted to spend the rest of her life; by helping others. Currently enrolled at Molloy College, her charitable efforts have not ceased for she has done fundraising for St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital while maintaining her demanding study regimen. This coming May, Kristin will graduate Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and hopes to someday pursue a career as a pediatric critical care nurse. 

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